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SP 1 update

Anybody know if and when there will be updates to XP SP1. After downloading SP1 I find my system runs more slowly and occasionally when clicking on a desktop icon/program I get a hesitation and all my icons dissapear for a couple seconds and reappear, however some of my toolbar icons are hiding. It certainly could be some other problem but I've read a ton of reply's about SP1 making their systems run worse...
It will probably be long time before SP2 comes out. I haven't had any problems with SP1 at all. It could be some 3rd party app that could be causing your problems. Just a guess.


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Well to be honest I don't know why your system is running slow. But the one thing I have noticed is that a clean install of XP then install the SP before any other programs and such seems to work better then having everything installed then installing the SP. I know that because I've done both and the clean install seems to work better at least imo.

Shamus MacNoob

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I must agree

After putting it off for monthes I finally gave in to it and yes without a doubt the clean install and sp1 before anything else is a better way to go ... in my case its a slipstreamed xpsp1 cd and I have to say OH YEAH BABY!!! its all good

:D :D :D


i also did a CLEAN install of both WinXP and SP1 and my computer runs better than it ever has before!


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Well most of the updates that you got windows update are in the SP there are a few that weren't but I don't remember what they were.
OK, great.. Now for the stupid question for you experts.. Does anybody have a link to "how I can do a clean install"... Do I use a back up floppy disk, or use another partician on my hard drive..
I don't have a CD burner so How can I do this without loosing important software updates and programs I've downloaded? or will I loose all this..


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well since you don't have a CD burner, you have to make a partition and move all of the stuff you have downloaded and/or want to save to there or if you have a network with another computer move it there.

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If you have partitions move what you don't want to lose onto a partition other than xp's. No partitions, no saving anything when you format.
To format have the bios set to boot the cd rom first. Insert the xp disk & boot up. Follow carefully the instructions on the screen.

If you don't have many programs use floppies to save them. :eek:

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