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Sowsat.H - Winrar

AVG 7 has been taking every self-extracting exe file I have created with Winrar and saying it has Sowsat.H. It also says that "Default.sfx" (the formatting file for the exe files I make) has it, so I'm sure it's related to that somehow, perhaps it was infected or runs code similar to Sowsat. Anyone else seeing this?
Well, shoot. I'm at work so I'll post it at my lunch break. I'm using WinRar 3.2 (cracked, I must admit, but no virus detected on the crack), and I have Panda and NAV laying around. I'll check it out after work.
You probably got a juped crack that had a virus embedded within it. Ive seen that happen before. Try uninstalling it, delete the entire dir, then reinstall without the crack and rescan.
Thanks, everyone! I tried what you guys said and it turned out that AVG was detecting the old default.sfx (and thus, every file that was created with it) from 3.20 Beta 3 as a virus, even before being cracked. Maybe it got infected a long time ago and I had just not scanned it until now. The new 3.20 Final works fine, no problems.

Again, my thanks!

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