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Source TV


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Counter-Strike: Source
- Enabled support for SourceTV
- Fixed a rare bug that caused some bullet impacts to be counted twice
- Improved map overview support
- The message of the day file is now required to be in the main game directory
- Fixed an issue with player names being out of sync with the server
- Fixed "purple checkerboard" problem for Message of the Day scrollbars
- Fixed some localization issues related to player chat
- Death notices are no longer displayed while blind
- Death notices retain the correct team color even if the player quickly changes teams
- Bots immediately change their names to match the bot_prefix when it changes
- Bots join dedicated servers immediately if the bot_quota is nonzero
- Fixed bug where bots would repeatedly fail to join with an invalid Steam ID
- Added mp_logdetail at the request of server administrators

anyone know what sourcetv is?


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Found this via google (stolen from a forum post).
HLTV is now called SourceTV in CSS. It is true that SourceTV will allow spectators without burdening the server (if used with a proxy).
HLTV will be good as it can take up to 255 spectators (depending on the server bandwidth) and will be able to record ALL players views. That means, if you play a demo recorded with HLTV, you can jump to different players' views.


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lancer said:
hmm thanks, seems more like a demo making thing to me.
Seems to me like someone that has HD space to burn and instead of filling it w/ screencaps of CS adventures they can fill it full of video. :p

*edit* - Could also be useful for admin that needs evidence of h4x0rz :D

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