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Source and CS


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I stoped playing source, cs and all that. I just reinstalled Halflife 2 and source, and it is asking me to download the games, asking for my cdkey, and my cdkey on my box is wrong, the cd key is a different kind, mine is longer???

Whats going on, i didnt just lose everything did i?


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Well, the cd keys and such should already be assigned to your steam account login information, asuuming you already entered this info when you first signed up with steam.


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strangely for me, the damn thing never asks for the cd key anymore when I install the software. Had probs with getting the source game loaded onto my pc though. Keeps telling me that I have to download it from steam... 58hrs to download, and it won't download coz the server is always too busy.


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well, i found out my old account information and now I have all the games I should. I never knew u couldn't make a new account with the cdkey. I think that's kinda stupid, even though it makes sense lol.


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Just remember your steam information. That's all you need.

DON'T forget it and don't fubar it by creating new accounts and stuff lol.

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