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SoundBlaster Live 5.1



Hey there I hope someone can help me
I have just installed a new sound card on my windows xp professional system
But for the life of me I cant get it work,If i go to sytem properties via the control panel and look in device manager then I see the Sound Blaster 5.1 (my sound card) is loaded...so I think cool everything is ok....but its not .......If I look at control panel and go sound and video game controllers I see nothing on any of the tabs except hardware which lists my devices.
Both the drivers have the xp digital signing thing.
Under the hardware heading I have Creative SBLive!(WDM) and Creative SBLive!Gameport (few other things there)
Last thing is if i click on SBLive!(WDM) properties
and bring up another properties window
I see
1) Audio Devices
2)MIDI Devices and Instruments
3)Mixer Devices
4)Live Input Devices
For all the first 3 i get the message
Status: Driver is enabled but has not been started
what does the above mean
Any help to get my sound card to work
will greatly appreciated

Should I change my XP from Fat32 to NTFS?


Yes I have .....I downloaded the update from this site actually
That enabled me to get the digital signature sign thing fixed........


If you actually bought a Creative card for an XP machine, shame on you. They just don't work right. Bring it back and buy a Turtle Beach - Santa Cruz.


The way others and I have fixed this similar problem is to move the SoundBlaster PCI card to the last available slot (away from the AGP slot). This is many cases has fixed the problem. However, should you still have problems, install SBLive! 3.0 (fresh install), restart, update to the XP drivers, restart, and you should be on your way. You can use the drivers located on the Windows update site, but you will still require to run the XP drivers from Creative. The driver's from Microsoft are generic and don't provide 4 speaker or surround sound modes. Let us know what happens...

pHat & pHunky
Originally posted by Outlaw21
If you actually bought a Creative card for an XP machine, shame on you. They just don't work right. Bring it back and buy a Turtle Beach - Santa Cruz.
ok now that is an out and out lie. I've had Audigy and Live and both worked fine on XP, the live had a few problems till they updated the drivers and the audigy is still in my comp and I haven't updated the drivers at all yet.

so saying creative doesn't work with XP is a blatant lie.


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it is a lie.

i wont go to that site but ive been in soundblaster.com's forums for a while now.
EVERY problem each person has had with Live! and XP (and theres a hell of a lot more than this forum and the old forum put together!), its been human error of some sort.
They have all been rectified whether its bad drivers, bad files, conflicts, or maybe a board that doesnt support it.

Ive now had 20 machines on XP with Live! cards, and probably 10 with Audigy's for customers. They all work. They all consist of a different motherboard, or specs altogether.

I dont think theres anything wrong with Live! and XP....
Rarely, you may find that the card just refuses to work in XP... whether its the motherboard compatibility with XP (or the lack of it) or just a bad card...

Thats the fun bit... analysing ya problems :)


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on the case of HelpME

What i would do is first remove the drivers completly and any soundblaster corrosponding files.

Does XP detect it?

If not, then whack the case open and move the soundcard to another slot.
turn it on...
Does it detect it?
If not, i would think your cards gone.

Only other way is to try it out on another machine or Operating system.
In XP you dont even have to install drivers because the inbuilt SB ones with 4spk/5spk/surround profiles will suffice. So initially you wont have to do anything but change slots, and reboot.
If it works, you'll see it saying new hardware found... it will install, and hopefully you wil hear some sounds.


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I've read on acouple of forums having to do with SB products that the SB Live card (value or deluxe) doesn't always like the first PCI slot next to the AGP slot. They have instructed everyone who has had problems to move the card to the next slot down and reinstall SB Live. But to first uninstall everything to do with the sound card. Some sort of conflict, I don't remember what. I think SB cards are great, I still have my first SB 16 that's a gazzilion years old on a 98SE box. It's like the Energizer stinkin bunny.


Hi, I'm new here. I have a brand new XP system. It has a SB Live! 5.1 card which for the most part works. However, I get frequent Explorer crashes causing the SB notification icon to disappear, along with some other icons. I was thinking that maybe the SB driver could be responsible? Just a hunch I'm getting. BTW I have installed all of the XP updates from Microsoft.


I had SBlive! running on XP just fine with their updated drivers, now I have Audigy Platinum and it works great. No problems...


Originally posted by bmxjt
I had SBlive! running on XP just fine with their updated drivers, now I have Audigy Platinum and it works great. No problems...
OK, I'll try that - but does what I say sound plausible, I mean about an older SB driver causing Explorer crashes?


I've got an OLD 1024 playa card whic thankfully still gets updates like its newer brothers, running on XP fine, no errors, so I dont agree with the statement XP-Live! dont mix.

One thing i will say is DONT get the drivers that WindowsUpdate displays, they are shite!

All you need to do is install the LW3 drivers off ya CD or download, then install the xpupdate.. driver from Creative.


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What are you guys talking about?

Seriously what are you talking about?

According to the creative website the drivers supplied by there website are the exact same drivers provided by the microsot website.

NOT GENERIC CREATIONS BY MICROSOFT. Where do you guys come up with this? They simply test the file for compatibility apply a certificate and change it's version number.

Do you really think microsoft would go to the trouble of making generic copies when they simply could supply the device drivers made by the company.

*shakes head*

Second my Creative 5.1 Live works perfectly and I do get four speaker support. So again what are you talking about?

My sound card was initially installed at the bottom of the available I/O slots. I've just always done it this way so as for having it at the top I've never had this problem.

So you can try moving your sound card to the bottom and reinstalling. You should try removing the soundcard completely by uninstalling all the creative drivers. Then shut down your machine and move the card to the last slot and reboot. This will cause windowsXP to detect your hardware.

Install the drivers. Run windows update and update the drivers. Or run the creative update package and update the drivers.

When you uninstall drivers from the device manager its good to remember that they are not deleted from the system so when it detects new hardware it is possible that Xp will simply install the approriate drivers and will not prompt you for them.


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Okay I just installed a Creative SBLive 5.1 Digital and when I go to the Creative Update Site and try to install it gives me an error that I do not have a Sound Blaster Card... Please help!!!:nervous:

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