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I've come to the conclusion that I'm either a retard or the soundstorm is the biggest piece of crap on the face of the planet! I can not, CAN NOT! get my center channel to work for the life of me it was working at one time (a very short time) but then I went to a GigaFrag and I haven't been able to get it to work in DVD's nor can I get it to work with the create center channel for mono/stero stuff like divx or mp3's. does anyone know how in dah hell to get it to work again?..... you know you follow instructions and expect things to work properly and.... grumble......... grumble............

Anywho my setup is Soundstorm with the newest drivers 2.45 from the nvidia site and Klipsch Promedia 5.1


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Sorry, can't help you there. I only use a 2 speaker setup for now. The only issue I had was slight crackling in some games, but that was solved by adding a passive heatsink to the MCP-T chip. It was getting quite hot and the heatsink seems to have done the trick. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the sound, but it's only on a fairly cheap set of speakers.


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Originally posted by Krux
I suspect no one knows why this thing is a hunk of junk?
you know my setup :)

unlikely to change till the k8 drops... next month babeee :cool:

AFAIk sound storm is supposed to be good.. hopefully someone else with your chipset will respond with the info you need...


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try another speaker or headphones just to rule out the center speaker itself. then take a look in the case where the audio connectors are attached to the board and see if you can see any damage or whatever. also, try reinstalling the nforce drivers (or just the soundstorm ones). lastly, try a good ol' reformat.

good luck. ;)


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speaker works fine, head phones work fine, I just think the sound storm has issues with klipsch there is no logical reason why my center shouldn't be working when I run the sound test all the speakers play cept the center which is kinda strange because the center and sub use the same cord and the sub goes off when its sposed to but noooooo not my center my front speakers are always saying "center" not my actual center speaker.... its so freakin fustrating, as of right now I think this sound card is the biggest piece of crap on earth and if I wasn't using a SFF pc I would throw in my SB live! and be done with it. but I can't (sazars blue heat sink takes up the pci slot) so im stuck with no center on 400 dallor speakers that I specifically bought for movies so I dunno who I should hate here Nvidia for maing a pos or klipsch for making speakers that aren't the "standard" junk 5.1 setup so they didn't bother to run tests with them GRRRRR SOOOO PISSED!!


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Have you actually got the nVidia audio chip? A lot of nForce2 boards have the nVidia audio chip replaced with a RealTek Audio or CMedia which are complete balls


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yah its the sound storm DD chip leaste thats wht all the reviews of the shuttle that I have say it is. but anywho I found the answer on gasp!! another forum, but it was an audio forum and that as it turns out nvidias drivers are lacking a very important piece a lil thing that swaps your center and sub if you ask me it should be intergrated with the damn drivers..... A holes! gosh nvidia is loosing alot of points with me!! but anyways you can download the file HERE biggest pain EVER! ok im done thanks for the help guys

just in case someone didn't see the HERE link :)

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