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Sound Recorder.



I could google it, but, I know you geeks luv to answer questions :mub:

I won't make excuses why I have forgot a 'how to', could be lack of sleep or old age, here goes:

Sound recorder if my memory serves will allow you to record a moment of 60 seconds in time.

Yes, I can read your minds, (he wants to know how to record longer maybe to infinity) yes you're most correct, I forgot, so, someone do the honours by writing a short verse on how to make sound recorder, record for as many seconds over 60 as I want to please.

Thanks in advance.


I may actually be insane.
I don't think that sndrec32 can actually record longer than 60-seconds without using a blank file, or at least I've never heard of it doing so. However there are apps out there which are just as easy to use and have unlimited recording ability, and also offer basic editing, good examples are http://www.goldwave.com/ and http://audacity.sf.net/ , I'd recommend audacity personally. :)
As far as I know (and I could be wrong), Sound Recorder cannot record over 60 seconds, and there aren't any hacks that enable it either.
Like Dave, I'd definitely recommend Audacity. It's extremely simple (yet quite powerful), free and open-source.
SPeedY_B said:
If it existed anymore it would be even better. Cooledit became Adobe Audition a long time ago.
Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition...same thing. Adobe just slapped a different name on it when they bought it. Cool Edit Pro is what I use so that's what brought it to mind when the thread came up. Anyways, it's still a very program.

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