Sound Problem ???


Hope someone can help with this annoying problem when i go to a web page which has a wav file or music on it, my windows meida plays it but starts very slow like slow motion then it speeds up ??????? any ideas on how to fix this......................

Im using Windows Media Player 9 its just one of those annoying things.

Thx for any help in advance.............


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Do you mean streaming audio? When the track jitters whilst it's being buffered?
Or is it literally playing in slo-mo?.

I'd try driver updates if the latter is the case.

If the 1st case senario applies to you, then it does to everyone when they stream music. :p

The buffer must be full enough to play a constant stream at the required bit-rate. You could try selecting a different bit-rate if applicable, or else wait for the tune to download into the buffer then play it.

Doesn't usually take too long for the buffer to hold enough data to start playing smoothly ;)

S'pose it depends on yer bandwidth really. :)
Thx for ur reply no its the second case its litlery slow motion at the start then speeds up, wierd ive just tried updating the driver like you mentioned but still the same prob :eek:


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Is it the site's background sound/music? Or is it a song or music link that you click on to hear?

What happens if you play it again? Does it still start in slo-mo and then speed up?

Have you tried to listen to this sound/music with another Media Player... such as Winamp? And if so, does it play the same (slo-mo then speeds up) or does it play correctly?


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If the above draws a blank, you could try this..

If ya have a copy of the offending *.wav file, try opening it locally.
Does it still play the same?
Or does it only do it on the streamed version?


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Here are a couple of things I found on the --> Windows Media Player FAQ <-- page...

Q: Why does the Player temporarily pause when I play content from the Internet?

A: In some cases, firewalls block Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic, which is the protocol required to play streaming content. In those cases, the Player is forced to use the HTTP/TCP protocol, which causes buffering and pauses when there is network congestion. To compare the bandwidth you are currently using against the available bandwidth, on the View menu, click Statistics, and then click the Advanced tab.

Q: Why don't Bandwidth in use and Selected bit rate match in the Statistics dialog box when I'm receiving streamed content?

A: When you receive a stream from the Internet, the value displayed in Bandwidth in use may be higher than the value shown in Selected bit rate. The reason for this is that Bandwidth in use includes the total bandwidth, including overhead bandwidth used for the Windows Media stream and for network traffic. On the other hand, Selected bit rate includes only the actual bit rate of the content being streamed.

Don't know if they will help, but I thought I would throw them out there to ya. :)

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