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sound gets crackly



I use to have the same problem with my Soundblaster Live but when I downloaded the latest drivers from www.creative.com
they worked great!!!

It could be a number of things but Updated Drivers are usually the easy fix.

Good luck
try not to max out the volume output of the audio device itself, i wouldn't go over 80% of full volume, hopefully you have amplified speakers and can use the Vcontrol on them to amplify the signal from the audio device... going higher than 80% can cause clipping which will sound scratchy and clicky with lower frequency signals...


hardware monkey
yeah, like baser5nature said... turn your speakers up rather than your sound card. your speakers put out over 200 watts... your sound card, maybe 1 watt. don't stress the card and leave master and wave volume at like 50% or 70%


are you serious about the sound card volume?

i thought that sending the strongest, earliest signal was the key to getting good sound

you will still heard fuzzy, crackled sound if you have the sound card too low, and end up cranking your amplifier right?


hardware monkey
well, if he's getting crackling and distortion because his speakers are turned up too high, i'm sure he'd be deaf by now. his speakers are plenty powerful. that's why i think it's his soundcard.

but he has yet to get back to us and give us details. he says "turn up the volume half way", but is that on the speakers or windows volume control?


well, there a volume control on winamp as well.... i have that volume cranked

my windows volume is also cranked, and i adjust the sound level with my stereo reciever
sorry for not beeing able to respond my net was down. thanks taurus for sugesting hte drivers, i updated them with the newest ones and it works great now, and i give it almost 2 weeks before i am deff. lol i like it loud. thanks for all the help. and it was turning up the volume on the speaker controle not windows that one is locked at 90%

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