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Sound card problem



Hi, an online friend is having a problem with a sound card,
not sure what area of the forum to post this.

The keyboard is almost brand new.

After installing the driver supplied from the hp site , I still have not regained full support of my internet ready keyboard.

The volume adjustment works... and so does eject.. but skip track, play, stop, pause, etc., do not work. The function shows up on my screen when I push the button, but winamp doesn't skip to the next track like it use to do. (It worked on windows ME)

The HID Access service is running. Since I have a keyboard with non-standard keys (like volume and such), this service should probably be set to start automatically.

1. Open the Control Panel
2. If you're in Category View, click "Performance and Maintenance" and then "Administrative Tools". If you're in CLassic View, simply click "Administrative Tools"
3. Scroll down until you see "Human Interface Device Access" and double-click it.
4. Click on the "Start" button to start the service.
5. If your other keys begin to work, try setting its Startup Type to "Manual" or "Automatic".

When i try to start it, it says the specified module could not be found.
I've checked this and the file exists:

When I run dialog box, nothing happens.
The Remote Procedure Call (RPC), it is running just fine.
I did a clean install of XP and run a dual boot
I get error number 126-
"The specified module could not be found"
Short of getting rid of Winamp, is there any fix?


Good point Hipster Doofus, I'll send your reply
via email, with the time zone difference, it might take
a while to hear back.

Thanks! :)


Are you using Winamp3? I know that with Winamp3 that the keyboard controls don't work with it, try going back to winamp 2 and see if that works.

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