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Sound card or speaker issue.


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I have no idea what is going on here. I just reformatted, all of my settings are the same except I now have the most recent drivers on everything. That being said I can't imagine the reformat or the drivers are the problem.

Here's the deal whenever my system does ANYTHING. Loading a program, a page, scrolling the mouse wheel for godsake.... My speakers hum. Its kinda a feedback sound only real low. I thought maybe it was plugged in wrong since I just moved the system around. It's not though, the latest Audigy drivers are old as hell so it can't be that. My speakers are the Logitech 5300 or something like that. They are the 5.1 speakers with wired remote. I can live with the noise, I just want to know whats causing it or if its a sign of speaker failure or something.

Make sure the microphone is turned off in the audio control panel.

Make sure the on board sound did not get turned on during the reinstall.

Make sure the new speaker locations are away from flourescent lights, power bricks, cell/portable phone base stations, motors (fans), etc. Also, try not to plug amplified speakers into an outlet with any of the above.

You might have broken a shield wire in a speaker cable when moving them around. Unlikely with the molded retail cables.

Unlikely it's speaker failure, just one of those million things that go wrong when you mess with somethign that was working...

Make sure none of the slide bars on the audio control screen are all the way up, keep them at 1/2 to 2/3's for fewest distortion problems.
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