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Sony Or Canon Digicam

Hey Folks,
Im buying a new Digicam, and am torn between the Sony DSC-P10 and the Canon IXUS 400.
Do any of you guys have one of these, or know if they are any good or not?

my self and i know teddy is a proud new owner of the ixus/s400 camera and i am very pleased with the camera very small, light amazing pics. i only draw back is the weak battery but that not a real problem.
Yeah, i think thats the one im gonna go for, i had a look at some sample pics on steves digicams and the IXUS seems to be a lot sharper taking images.

I was told that the batter life though is about 190 shots with the LCD screen on, is that wrong? How long does it last?
im sure you can push 190 something shots but with flash and other factors you will get maybe 120-130 i believe. when i was on vacation i did a lot of night shooting with the night flash and red eye and the battery needed a recharge after 2 nights ( 80-90 pics). but you can buy an extra battery for like 30 bucks i think from best buy or something.
Thanks Mike,
I just got my hands on the Canon this morning (im waiting, impatiently, for the battery to recharge now :D ) anyhoo - is it small or what. About the size of a packet of fags (thats cigs for all you yanks - not - oh forget it).

Blasted off a couple of test shots though - i think its not as point and clicky as i though - given that the first shot ended up as the floor and the second beeped at me for a while before taking a rather wonky shot of the curtains.

Need a bit of practice me thinks...


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