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SONY DRX 710UL + NERO 6 can't burn data to dvd-r.. Pls help


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hi. i am new in dvd burning and i had recently bought a Sony DRX 710UL with Nero 6. i had already able to copy dvd movies but when i was trying to copy ISO files and some ordinary files ( 3.0G total ) to a Verbatim DVD-R Nero was able to cache all files successfully but when it started to burn it it stopped at 2% - 3% and it stops/hungs there. i had already wasted 3 blank dvd so i am seeking help, maybe i had setup the configuration wrong or something. the DRX can burn data to CDRs thou.

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First off get yourself a rewritable disc till you sort it out. Also try updating nero. I'm having issues with nero caching large files but haven't got around to updating it as yet. Actually I'm having a few issues with Nero.
If it hangs part way into a burn it's usually the DVD blank media. This can be fixed 2 ways.

1) Buy better media. (Verbatim are just rebranded generics and have been known to contain multiple brands in one spindle.) What's a good brand? Depends on your burner. You can check who is burning what successfully at www.cdfreaks.com.

2). They may have updated the firmware in your burner to handle more media brands check the Sony support website. Be careful flashing firmware, you can trash the burner by installing the wrong firmware. Follow website instructions carefully.

-Download DVD Identifier (at cdfreaks or majorgeeks among others) to find out what the "verbatim" blanks really are.
-You can try burning the verbatims at lower speeds and see if that works.
-And as mentioned above, buy a couple single RW blanks to see which brands your burner likes. Never buy a spindle until you have proven a burner can use the brand.
-Surprise, DVD technology is no where near as stable as CD technology...


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i appreciate the posting. i had learned something from your post. i will try roxio 7 for burning dvds but haven't bought it yet. i will check out the site that you suggested. thanks.

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