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something clicking



my computer would click ramdomly and i don't know whats causing it. When I play a game and the computer clicks (sounds like a switch going *click* *click*) it freeze it for a sec, then resumes. The sound keeps going but the screen just freezes.

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Open the case & make sure the hard drive is plugged in properly. Check the power sulppy to it & double check the four single wires going into the plug.
The computer clicks (something in it?) or the speakers make a clicking noice?

If it's from the speakers and the audio freezes then its a sound card problem.

1) Download and install the latest drivers for the sound card and MB.

2) If that doesn't help start looking for a new sound card or someone to swap cards with you to see if it follows your cards. If the sound is built in not much you can do but disable it and try a plug in sound card.


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I ain't no expert - but I do know these days videocards often have their own discrete fans and I wonder if there could be any heat problem going on here? This is pretty easy to check out - just shift your mobo into the chiller and try again! Only kidding! That's a real bad idea - but you can simply apply a fan to the whole box to boost cooling and see if that helps.... otherwise back to testing.

*One thing I feel confident of though, is that the "click" will likely be a relay tripping. Question is what it's connected to!


its been happening to me since I built the computer. I think its the mobo, it sounds like it cuts the power for a sec, not that it literally does but thats what it sounds like. It's not the sound card.

the SYS temp is 47 C
and the CPU is at 52 C
is that pretty high?


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Originally posted by Nitris
the SYS temp is 47 C
and the CPU is at 52 C
is that pretty high?
that really depends on the type of cpu + room temperature, my cpu is @ 28C while my case is 26c, but my room temp is fairly cool.


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Sounds high to me...

but I am no expert - surely you can look up chipset operational temps on the net? And whenever you do don't overlook your video card... I think of that because you mentioned display freeze and sound continuing....

I would post my sys/CPU temps for you but the only way I know to find them is in the BIOS settings and I don't want to boot right now... If anyone cares to post another way to display them I'll happily tell mine (for AMD 1900 in low profile casing, on NEC mobo)

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