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someone please help with my crappy Framerate in Dungeon Siege



got dungeon siege and its pretty nice and fun but I get really crappy frame rates. Around 25 when I am not battling anyone and about 8-12 when a bunch of people are on the screen. My roomate doesn't have these problems. I have a P4 1.7ghz with a GForce 3, and 384 megs of 800 speed RDRAM. I am running XP pro, as is he. Don't know what the issue is but I should easily have the horsepower. I am even running it at 800x600 in 16 bit with detail set around medium, app priority set high, and shadows turned down, but not off. Any help woud be great. Thanks

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try putting your resolution on one size down from your desktop size and mess around with your graphic options i have a 1 gig athlon with 256 ddr ram and 64 meg gforce 2 gts and it runs reallygood


I get crap frame rates also.

XP 1800, 512 DDR, GeForce3 Ti200 DDR128 and acts pretty much the same way ...

It might be a driver issue or maybe the Geforce 3 cards ...?

it IS a microsoft product ...;-}

I did get a little better performance by tweaking the clock.
I can get stable clock speed of around 500 for memory (400 default) and around 195 for the GPU (175 default)

They say the GPU is far more efficient than GeForce2's, which I had before... but I'm beginning to question this ...


It's a known issue with the game.


u can risk downloading the latest patch but its only a beta.

Turn off the shadows and it'll help with the fps.

Apparently high end cards get screwed over in this game =)

My 32mb Geforce2 GTS gets about 30-35 fps by myself. and about 20's in a fight... lower if theres heaps of monsters =P


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i get 30-50 fps, which is extremely playable. before, with my 800mhz proc, i'd get 8-30... so the game seems pretty cpu-dependent. this is at 1024x768x16, detail set to lowest (all those damn trees and bushes are just clutter) with party shadows.

besides the obvious "driver" suggestion, don't know what would cause a superior system to be so sluggish..? check for resource-hogging processes.

observation: two geforce3's are having problems.. and the three geforce2 gts' are sailing smooth. }:>

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