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Some Win 7 Problems

I just installed the beta yesterday. I have two partitions on my drive, first one for vista and the second one for Win 7. I decided it was a good time to reformat vista also so I did that after I installed Win 7. Of course, this screwed up the BCD so that it would automatically boot to vista as it didn't detect Win 7. I fixed that simply with EasyBCD but, now when I boot Win 7, instead of the cool new boot screen in 7 I get the same boot screen as vista. Not a big problem as it still boots 7 but I was somewhat surprised.

Also, even before I reformatted vista, my hard drive's first partition was and is not coming up as a drive letter in 7 though in device manager settings for the hard drive it detects it, just it isn't set as a drive letter and I can not change any of it's properties. In vista however both partitions show up as seperate drive letters. Both OS's are 64-bit so I imagine there would be no conflict there.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Can you manually asign it a drive letter? You can easily do that in XP/Vista but I'm not sure how to do it in W7.

If that fails, have you tried pressing F8 when you boot up to get the bootup options, then selecting the option to allow unsigned drivers in W7? That might help.
Thanks for the suggestion. I opened up admin tools and opened computer management and was able to assign it as the "E:/" drive.

About my other problem, can someone post their bcd settings for their win 7 partition because I think that is why it is not running the new win 7 boot screen? Thanks.


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yea.... with the whole drive partition not showing up... that's happened to me so far i think every time i've installed 7. wouldn't automatically assign a drive letter to my 1TB drive for some reason.


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.... my 1TB drive has no OS.... it's only for storage. And i think when i had Windows 7 installed on my SSD, with my 640GB Vista hard drive as well as my 1TB storage drive, it assigned a drive letter, again, to everything but the 1TB drive.
Yeah both partitions were ntfs. I ended up reinstalling Win 7 so I could get the boot screen but for some reason my hp vista 64 drivers will not work with win 7 so I'm just going to have to stick with vista as my default OS.

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