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some interesting questions



Hey guys i've had a couple of questions for quite a while now.
And i would like it very much if you could answer them correctly.
One of them:
The motherboard has ata mode 100 lets say. And you have a burner of
ata 33, and a dvd (asus) that supports 100, and your harddrive is 100 too. How does that work? is there lets say enough ata ? and how about
the two slots where you put the cables in. Are both of them ata 100? so does that mean that both of them at the same time supply ata 100?
Ok next question.

I want to buy special memory from OCsystem. (www.ocsystem.com)
Its the 512mb ddr pc2100, and it has the best cas times or something.
And also the best cl times. I want to know, if when you put them in, do you need to do anything in the bios? like do you need to change some
settings for the cas timings? or does it automatically adapt. I want to buy 2 of them. So that makes 1gig. Will a motherboard support this?
My mobo's are : asus a7v266-e and asus a7v266-c.
Ok next question
Is there a special boot edition of windows XP? cuz i have it, but if i dont have windows me or something installed, and i want to install cleanly, it won't read from boot. I was told that this should be possible.
Last question.
I seem to have a very weird problem with my a7v266-e set.
First of all, after a crash in the car, when i was going to a lan party,
the first two dim slots ****ed up. Meaning i can only use the third one, if i put memory in the first two, it simply won't boot up. And now my asus burner (48x) is doing something strange. It used to burn in 2 minutes.
But now its beginning to take longer and longer. It now takes like 10 minutes when i burn at 24x. What the **** man! And also my harddrive is ata 133 and my mobo doesn't support that.. does that have to do with it?
Cuz i couldn't imagine it being my just newly acquired burner.
Then lastly, my ****ing athlon gets realllly hot, its an 1800+ and its green from color. I have a volcano 7+ but i still get 60 degrees. And in the midday i have to shut it down, if i close my case, thats what mobo monitor tells me. Weird. So well i hope this wasn't tooo long or boring. Please reply to all the questions i really need to know. Thank you.


hardware monkey
- if you have ata100, then any and all ata33, ata66, and ata100 drives will work. ata133 drives will work, too, but will only run at ata100. and both ide connectors are the same speed (ie. ata100).

- you don't have to go into bios with your new memory, but you might want to in order to set aggressive timings for your memory. yes, your motherboard will suport 1gb.

- i have the upgrade ver. of xp home and in order to do a clean install, i just put the cd in and go into my bios and set it to boot from cd. that's all.

- i have a 32x burner and if i burn a cd full of data or audio, it will take up to 10 minutes. it all depends on how much stuff is going to be on the cd you're burning. when it took 2 minutes before, it most definitely wasn't near a full cd.

- your harddrive being ata133 won't harm or affect anything.

- did you apply thermal compound between your cpu and heatsink? if not, you need to get some (arctic silver 3, preferably). if you did... then i'd suggest taking it off, cleaning both surfaces, and re-applying it.


You said that 2 of ur DIMM slots are jacked, and you can only use one. If that is the case then:

1) How are you going to use 2 sticks of Ram with only 1 usable slot
2) Are you sure the slots are bad, try reseating them, if there was a fairly decent jolt on impact they simply may not be seated completely in the slots.

As for why the burner is going so slow now is likely a direct reflection of the lack of memory in the 2 empty slots, therefore instead of the burner being able to use the RAM for storage of the cd image, it being forced to use the little that is left and the hard drive. Obviously you will notice a huge lack in performance when reading and writing through the drive, especially if they are on the same IDE channel (connected to the same cable).

I would do the same with the cpu, as Taurus suggested but to make sure the heat sink is set in completely on the cpu, as it may have been jolted off as well. The temp may require an upgrade version of the motherboard monitor software or it may be a board that has the sensor close but not directly touching the cpu, thus the reading with be of the air right next to the CPU and not of the CPU, either way it’ll be close enough.

Burning CD’s also depends on the media being used; I have a 48*16*48 CDRW that refused to write at 16x with media only rated for 4x rewriting. I thought it was a lil odd, but then I tried using a 40* cd and it would write at the max of 40x, as that is what the media was rated at. I’ve tried it with Roxio’s ECDC Platinum, NERO, and RecordNow Max(which thus far as kicked much butt over the other 2). If it still failing try cleaning the laser.

ATA 133 is backward compatible, meaning it will work with anything below 133, i.e. 33, 66 and 100, and no changes are needed in the bios for this.

As for the XP upgrade, it works just like the other upgrade versions, when installing on a blank drive simply have both you old 98/95/or 2k CD handy, when it stops and says no previous version can be located, pop in your old CD and point the installer to it. Once, it’s been verified you should be able to pop it out and put the XP upgrade back in.

Overall, I’d:

1) Gut everything not working
2) Assemble on you other hopefully non accident involved system
3) Determine it’s functionality status (does it work or not)
4) Reassemble everything that works with no issues, replace or investigate future anything that seems to be acting gimpy

Of course this is just me, I’m in the process playing Mr. Potato head with of 2 of my systems, transplanting and swapping devices and memory and have found some weird things on a system that seems to get bumped around a lot, like IDE cables that are barely inserted yet still manage to function.

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