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Some Advice

I have an old pent 100mhz with a gig HDD and 32 megs of ram. This computer will be used as a file storage. It has Win95 on it now. I really would like to run like Win2K or even WinNT so I can put ntfs on it. I want a striped down version. I basically want the o/s and not all the junk that comes with when you install it.
I am open for some suggestions. Maybe Linux? But I m not really sure if files can be retreived from a Window base o/s from a Linux o/s. Plus I have never used Linux before.
Well, XP-Lite and 2000-Lite are the only "minimal" installs of the two OSs that I know of...and they're still betas. However, even then, I doubt either of them would run on a P100 with 32 megs of RAM. Maybe earlier versions of NT might?

Regarding Linux: If you take some time to initially configure the system, it's not difficult to use after that. The initial setup is what you have to be careful with. I'm a Slackware user, but RedHat/Mandrake might be better distros to start with.
You can store Windows-based files such as EXEs on Linux. However, they won't actually run/execute, of course.
If you configure SAMBA and use the Linux machine as a server, you should be able to access shared files on a network from any computer running Windows.


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Redhat or Mandrake both might be a little heavy on that machine, maybbe slackware would be a little smoother. I would suggest using Fluxbox or Blackbox as a window manager, since it runs with much less resources than KDE or GNOME.

I have a P2-400, 384MB of RAM that I use as a webserver with FreeBSD and it runs fine.


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I doubt linux would even run on that well. A default RedHat install with GUI takes up almost 2GB and needs 128+ RAM to run smoothly.

Ah you're right...I forgot about the high system requirements of RedHat and Mandrake. Been a long time since I last used them...


I had NT4 running on a Pentium-Overdrive 83mhz (think thats what it was called) with 32MB ram quite ok. NT took up about 300MB, dont exactly remember. But if you want file storage ud need at least 4gb.


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How do I go about installing?

Do a google search on dual booting "insert distro" and XP, you'll find plenty of info.

Will my Windows Network be able to see the Linux box?

Yes, but just like linux, it'll be some work :) http://SAMBA.org

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