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Soltern-D worm

I recently installed another anti-virus programme (Avast32) to supplement McAfee. Having run a complete check on my system it threw up a warning about a file infected with a worm called Soltern-D. The infected file is a single exe which is a freeware screen grabber (MW Snap).

Does anyone know what the Soltern-D worm does? And the best way to get rid of it! (McAfee 6.02 and AVG 6.0 both failed to pick up this worm on previous scans)

Thanks, Alan


I couldn't find any info on this worm either. Just sites that updated their definitions to detect it. AVG was one of them.
It does appear to be a worm. I have deleted the infected exe file and replaced it with another one from a different web site. This one reads clear when scanned with Avast32.

Its interesting that even with the latest signature update from McAfee and AVG neither of them have detected this worm.

Are there any good anti-worm programs out there?


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