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5 Mar 2002
Can anyone tell me the best/easiest programme (free of course) that will allow me to scan a document straight to a PDF file.
What kind of printer do you have? My HP came with software to do just that, and it works great. I would personally try anything before using Acrobat.
Carpo, he was asking for a free software solution. I believe Adobe pro is not an option....

For a free and simple way.

scan your Document as a image file. (.jpeg, tif, etc...) then use a free pdf writer to convert to a pdf format.

some free pdf writer software are

another question, would be what brand of scanner do you have. usually it will come with software (HP or cannon) so you can automatically save it as a pdf file.

or try
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Free as in legit free ya dim wit. :s
and what if i got mine for free and it is legit - you **** master :p
Most scanners these days offer scan to PDF capabilities. As it was mentioned above, HP does, and Dell does too.

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