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Software DTS Decoder

Is there any such thing as a software DTS decoder?

I could get a hardware decoder for my Klipsch Promedia 5.1s, but it would cost $70.


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same with my SB live 5.1 with ac3 DD decoder and my Nforce 2 soundstorm also with a DD decoder built on speakers just don't like it. I think that 70 dallor part takes the anolog inputs from the speakers and converts it into a spidif connection for DTS but im not sure
Originally posted by Krux
sounds useless maybe but spidif is 1 cord and is digital so it has better sound.
You're right of course, but if you have a converter with an analogue side it doesn't really matter if you ask me. 3 analogue cables can be put together anyway (taped, striped, cable hose).
it's not if you are taking it from a analogue source, you're right, the quality is better if it never goes trough a DAC, but if the converter takes Analogue from the PC, and converts it to a SPDIF, it's going through a DAC, then ADC, then another DAC. That's lossy, and if anything, it's worse quality than the Analogue connections would be.

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