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i dont know why but i cant seem to be able to complete levels in game. i tryed skipping them one by one but the same thing happens over and over again. when i get to a point when it's time to load another level nothing happens, i can just go back, run around and shoot. is that a bug in game or something else?
i'm running xp pro, ntfs


my system is amd 900, riva tnt 2. 198mb ram. 40gb hd. i have tryed reinstalling it but that doesnt help. my friend also has the same problem. he's running hp 1.5mhz,riva tnt2, 256mb ram, xp pro, fat32. and this is very bad , cuz i've waited long time for this game


ive had nothing but trouble with this game,first of all i had to reinstall it then it wouldnt accept my key code after fixing that now it wont let me load my saved the sound of things theres heaps of people with the same problems.


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Maybe you should take a few minutes out of your time to e-mail the Support team.

Few minutes could save you days of waiting for other people to do it and get a fix out!


a few mintues to email the support team would most prob mean a few days waiting for them to reply back.anyways ive sorted the problem out there was too many saved games in the same folder i deleted a few of them.


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Just a note on the cd-key, it didn't like mine so i found one on the net. It said it didn't like this one either, but it still let me install and play the game. Just seemed strange at the time


as 4 the key u found online it wont let u play online but it will let u play sp :D but if u found sum ;) servers it will let u play online :D


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I had the same problem with my intel create and share program that i got with my intel cam, it wouldent accept my cd key after a reinstall, so i called intel tech support and they told me i had to deleate some regestory keys, after that everthing was fine.
so mabe it could be the same for Sof2?


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I'm not really concerned about multiplayer at the moment, only got a dial up connection in rural Australia, my ping in online games is usually 1000-1500ms.

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