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So the new AMD stuff is going to be coming out soon


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it is pretty good right now - I'd be surprised, more likely the higher end stuff will drop a little.....

then I would say that - I just bought one :p


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The cheapest price that I can find is 460 on zipzoomfly.com. Do you think that sounds about right?
Newegg has the 4400 on one day sale for $460, retail boxed, in case you trust them more than zippy.

I'm not sure you will see much, if any, price drop on the X2 chips when AM2 comes out. AM2 is not faster, it is just a new socket with upward potential. The price on even the old X1 Venice chips has not dropped much in the past 7 months. AMD has plenty of demand and no incentive to cut prices.

Any significant price drops will come this fall when Intel launches it's new line. And only if the Intel chips show markedly better thermal performance than AMD.

If you want to shave $60 off now go for the manchester 4200 (2x512 cache vs 2x1Mb cace for the 4400 toledo. You only get a 4.7% performance increase for a 15% price increase with the 4400. Bad payback on investment.

If you are more interested in getting a system with upward growth potential wait for the AM2 and buy one of them. You are so close to the top end of performance at X2 4200 and above there is no reason (or much options 2.2 vs 2.4 gHz and a bigger cache) for upgrading beyond that point.

When AMD goes quad core you can bet it will be AM2 socket only (or something else even newer).
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I can't really see the cost differential between the 4200 - 4400 being worthwhile at roughly 95 bucks. The L2 cache makes a very small difference from benchmarks I have seen. I say use the extra cash and get a raptor, HUGE performance gain over a 7200RPM :)


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Unfortunately I have already bought the HDD, so I intend to keep it, with the potential of buying a new one later. So do I have a consensus that the 4200+ will be a better buy than the 4400+?


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The price will drop a lot, i got my 4600 in august/september, and right now the price is about 200 less then it was...


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Yeah the price will drop, but the differential change between the two will remain relatively consistent. My vote is still for the 4200, if nothing else just put it in the bank.


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By the CNET dual core duel thing, it says that of all the dual core processors, intel or amd, the 4400 is the best for the money, i have seen the 4200 in action and i have seen mine in action, the difference isnt very noticable, plus you can OC it to be as fast as the 4600

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