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David Chapple

I have a Lexar PCMCIA Smart Media card reader which worked well under Win98 but is not recognised under Windows XP pro. Lexar are not very helpful and cannot supply new drivers.

I also have a PC Line USB CR-CFSM multi card reader which worked well under Win98. It is recognised by XP pro and the Control Panel tells me that all drivers are loaded correctly ( the USB hub drivers are XP pro signed but the drivers for the new drives F: and G; are not signed) and all devices are working correctly. When I insert a card I get the BSoD (as per Win98, Win95, Win3.1 etc etc). Again I have geot little help from PC Line (Datafab) other than "they do not know yet which of their items work with XP". They did offer to sell me another reader at a "very good prive". I am waiting their offer.

Can anyone advise me on a truly Windows XP pro compatible card reader for Smart Media Cards. Please, one that if fully compatible?



4 Dec 2001
Hi David,

I have been going through the same trials since installing XP.

I had a Sandisk SmartMedia reader which refused to work,
and Sandisk refused to support it under XP.

I bought a Lexar dual media reader and it installed fine, but
it didn't always read the Smartmedia card when I slid it into
the slot.

I contacted Lexar support via their online support system, and
was connect with a very helpful tech. He told me to download
the latest driver (of course), and offered to e-mail version 2.3
of their driver, which was older but supposedly worked flawlessly with XP. I decided the problem was not with their driver,
but with their hardware, so I returned the reader. I did get
a blue screen of death on shutdown with the reader connected, and according to the message, it was USB related.

You may want to contact him, and tell him that Ladd passed
along his e-mail address.

I'm planning on buying a firewire card and a firewire
Smartmedia reader. I have given up on the USB SmartMedia
readers on XP.

Good luck!


not sure if this helps but it is at least relevant

i have a sandisk USB compactflash reader which works fine in xp, in fact no drivers are needed


David Chapple

Can you give me more details - they probably have an equivalent Smart media reader?

Many thanks


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