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This is an update to a thread from a while back. We were discussing user friendly small case. I came across some really neat ones at Compusa while browsing for stocking stuffers.

Sony PCV W510G - This has a 3x14x12 box with an attached 17 inch LCD and a fold down full size keyboard. It did not appear to support add in cards and was the price of a laptop (which it wasn't).

Across the aisle there were similar sized boxes that did support a single add in card. The LCD monitors was attached the keyboard was stand alone. Brand name was iX. These all appear on the web site.

It looks like the PC manufaturers were eaves dropping on our thread. Amazing how fast they got these new units into production!


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it helps to link to them while you're at it so we know what you're talking about.

are you talking about these?

that sony one's been around a while and, being it doesn't support any add-on cards, is basically an oversized laptop unsuitable for gaming. and the ix systems are nothing more than imac rip-offs.

i was thinking more like an atx or microatx case with a large-ish lcd built into the side panel and a custom keyboard that hinges at the bottom and folds up to protect the whole screen. and feet on the bottom of the case that will let it be tilted for better viewing of the screen. point is it would have all the upgradeability of any other system and be cheaper than those sony and ix systems.


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Yes, those were them. Guess I forgot the link.

Oh, well. Got kind of excited. These were the closest I've seen to the concept we were talking about since the Compaq II in the late 1980's.

The iX was close since it had an expansion slot, but they skipped the fold up keyboard/cover and screens were only 15 inch.

One thing I did notice on the Sony. Heat was rolling off the top in waves. That thing runs hot!

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