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Im building a new computer soon. I'm thinking about building a shuttle. However i heard shuttles need a floppy to install XP onto. So that might be outta the picture for now. Is there another case thats nice and compact thats REASONABLE besides shuttle?


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Shuttle case? Shuttle Mobo?

I know that you will need a floppy or a USB jump drive to install SCSI or RAID drivers during setup of XP.

Some motherboards allow you to use a USB drive as a floppy during setup, if that is what you need and the board supports it then you can go that route. Or Slipstream the drivers into a XP CD.

More info?????
well screw the idea of the shuttle. Too much fuss in just installing an operating system. Is there another computer case thats compact? similar to shuttles. I've seen one on Newegg but i forgot what it was called. It was pretty sweet acually. Any suggestions on a compact case?


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it's not just shuttle...every computer needs a floppy or usb jump drive to install scsi or raid drivers. Unless you create an install of xp with the sata (scsi or raid) drivers pre installed.

If you decide against a shuttle because of that you won't be freeing yourself of that problem cause every computer you buy will need it as well...

if you are installing windows xp onto an ATA/IDE hard drive you won't have a problem installing it without the floppy
Well not the drivers im talking about, its XP its self. When you install XP you need to install it by floppy not cd i heard. Is it true? Also u gotta do other stupid things to install an OS. "so i've heard...."

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Install XP by floppy? are you nuts? Theres no such way! That would be like 600 floppies. An xp install is roughtly 4GB in size.

A shuttle computer is the same as a regular computer except its smaller in size and has less slots.

The only reason you'd need a floppy is for the SATA drivers since XP doesnt suport them naitively (sp?)
In all likeliness i wll be building a smaller sized computer. however i don't want my only choice to be a shuttle. Is there another company that has a good reputation that creates such a case?


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I just want to clarify something very quickly. I currently have a Shuttle G2 system that i built myself (the specs are in my sig). It was an absolute dream to built, very easy, very neat and the quickest build i have ever done. It packs so much into a lovely SFF case.

A floppy is not needed if you are going to be installing onto a normal EIDE drive setup. The only reason you will require a floppy as part of the setup is for Serial or Raid drivers as stated above.

As for your choices, in the SFF (Small Form Factor) market the leader is Shuttle. You wont get a better SFF manufacturer, however there are other alternatives such as the "MSI Mega PC 865" and "AOpen XC Cubes".

I would strongly suggest picking one from the Shuttle lineup though. Good luck with the build :)


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^^ I agree with Nix as well.

Shuttle has been doing this for so long that they have been able to get high performance machines in the little boxes without the heat. They will be hotter than big spacious cases but you can have a very powerful system in a shuttle that performs just as well as bigger (in size) machines
Thanks for the input, i think im gonna go with the Aspire Qpack. It has a slot for 2 drives, opposing to shuttle having one. Also it seems a little larger, however much smaller than a tower. Thanks Candian_Divx ;D But does the Aspire Qpack use a normal sized motherboard, or do i gotta search up some small motherboard?


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Hmm, was looking at the aspire and that 420W PS only adds up to 368W...

AC INPUT 115V/230V - 60/50Hz
+3.3V +5V +12V -12V -5V +5VSB
20A... 25A.. 13A. 0.8A 0.3A 2.0A

Interesting huh. The 12V is too wimpy for the new high end video cards too.

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