Slowing down of copying files to hard drive?


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Hey everybody,

I'm experiencing this really weird and not so good problem. For some reason, if I want to copy say, a folder from my CD Rom to my Hard Drive, my system goes really really slow. Mouse jumps, sound jump, everything turns into like the Matrix, and I have no idea why. Someone suggested that the Hard Drive and the CDRom are on the same IDE Channel, but they're not.

Any suggestions?


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Sorry man, I totally neglected to put them.

AMD Athon XP 2000+
MSI Geforce4 Ti4400
256 PC2700 RAM
Cable Connection
Logitech Elite Keyboard (USB)
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (USB)

This never happened before, and now I notice it whenever I'm installing anything, or copying anything. I haven't the faintest idea as to why this is being caused. Any ideas?


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Not many if at all man. This is a new thing, the computer is fast enough so it shouldn't be like that. Someone thought that perhaps the CDRom is on the same IDE channel as the hard drive, but the HD is on the primary IDE and the CDRom is on the secondary IDE.

I also believed that perhaps it's because the page file was on the same drive, so I upped the amount and moved it to my D Drive... I didn't notice much of a difference if at all.


this happens to me also but in a different way ....many times when i am downloading from a http site ...say 6 files at once maybe 3 of the files get moved to disc all at the same time .....this basically makes my PC stall on me .....doesnt happen with ftp or irc ....disc to disc transfers only slow it marginally

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