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slower and slower and slower boot time



i dunno if it just me or not..but i have been noticing that i have been geting slower time and boot up..up to 78 seconds..most of this time is in the login...where its loading your personal settings

if you wish i can post my hijacklog for you

I do run botvis...it does cut it down to 50 some seconds..but i have a feeling that this can do better then that

My system infromaton is below..and it is a laptop

This didnt happend until itryed the trial of Diskeeper 8.0 i didnt like it ..becuase it delayed my boot uptime..since i tryed the restore button...the delay is still there

Any help peps?

btw i did check on spybot and adware and spyblaster ,spysweaper..and i cleaned the system with nbg clean reg...please help me!..oh and i disabled most of the services..acording to black viper

Perris Calderon

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hey...great to see you here understarz1180.

first, you should stop running bootvis...counter productive, in the long run even at it's best, it does nothing, as xp will optimize boot files on it's own...at it's worst, it can cause some blue screen action

next, you probably are building some things up in your start up folder.

go into misconfig and turnoff everything but your av and firewall...I don't even let my firewall run till I'm on the internet

since you're on a laptop, you also need to keep your laptop mouse in the startup folder also.

as far as black viper services...workstation should be changed from auto to manual, which black viper says should stay on auto...he's wrong.

he's missinformed on a few other items as well...when you're adjusting your services, it's usually better to use manual over dissabled...except for a few exceptions...but that's up to you
Causes for slow boots:

1) HD getting fragmented. Defrag it

2) Not enough RAM (256 min!) 384 is preferable

3) Loading too much crap at start up. Quit downloading utilities from the net and installing them. They clutter up your system something awful. Find all the ones you added and uninstall them. This might require some registry clean up also. Some of the little buggers are persistent.

There's a free 30 day trial on System Mechanic. It will show you what's in (all) of your start up locations. You may find some ugly surprises.

You should be booted in about 50 seconds or less from power on.

PS If you see something in start up or registry your not sure about come back and ask. It's safer than just deleting it.

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