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Slow Startup / Shutdown



I'll start out with the disclaimer that I really did try to use the search funtion to find this information :)

I recently did a clean reinstall of XP Pro, but for some reason (now that I've installed most of the things I'd grown accustomed to prior to the reinstall) I'm having some issues starting up and shutting down...

When starting up, I have a network connection set to launch (as I use PPPOE...), which doesn't actually open for a good three minutes or so... During which time my entire system seems to be moderately lagged...

That, however, is significantly less of an issue than my shutting down... After installing the drivers for my (logitech) KB + Mouse, my system would hang for around eight minutes after I hit shutdown... after uninstalling those drivers (and now not being able to see the effects of my KB volume knob :| ) the system will shut down at an appreciable speed, but instead of actually powering down, goes back to the 'now safe to shut off your computer' screen I haven't seen since W9x...

Any thoughts are appreciated, I'm willing to put in the time if the fix is tedious, I'm just not sure where to begin.


NTFS Stoner
ok i had to use the original drivers from the cd for my keyboard, any other release would hang my system. now u can mess around emailing them for the fixes or have a look around there website for a fix or 2, but they never worked for me. my advice, try the originals again. and for the shutdown issue, open device manager, click on view, and show hidden devices, then you should ( if its an upgrade to xp) see nt power somthing with the red disabled arrow, re enable the device and the pc should shut down.

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