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slow site?


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Is the site slow right now or is it just me. Cause earlier at my g/f''s house it was slow and she was connect at 49kbs on dial up. I connect at 46kbs and its slow here too and like i usualy open like 6 or so threads and they would take no more than 30 sec to all load fully but now it takes that long for just one thread.


Think it's ye olde advert and script blocking what slows it up. I use in NIS with ad blocking it lags a bit. When i was trying the free firewall from AOL (McAfee firewall plus) I saw all adds and it was slightly quicker.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
hmm...not it is fine...cause right now i am waiting for the busy and kerry thingy from jib jab to load and this thread and another thread opened together just fine. maybe it was just a fluke of somethin.

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