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slow lan, normal internet (xp sp2 , usrobotics wlan)


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I have a problem with our internal network. I'm trying torunaftp-server (filezilla) on one client to be able to move filestotheother client.
Both clients are running windows xp professional with sp2 .

I have a US Robotics WLan installed (1 x USR805450 Multi-Function Access Point (connected to the cable-modem) , 2 x USR805416 Wireless Turbo PCI Adapter) .

The problem is, that downloading files from the ftp-server is reallyslow. I get approx. 10 - 20kbyte/s per connection (and no, I haven'tset any speed-limits on the server/client-side). Uploading is slow, too.

ps: disabling the firewall on both machines didn't help.

When downloading files from the internet, I get 200-250 kbyte/s which is about the possible speed for a 2mbit cable-line.

My question is ... does/did anyone have similar problems ( normal internet , slow ethernet) and knows how to solve them?

thanks in advance



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If you have WPA switched on, try disabling it and see what happens.
Do you get the same problem with a wired connection too?


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Hi ming

I'm using WEP for authentification.

Can't connect the computer by wire right now but I could bring a 3rd client into the game to test if the lan-speed is better on that.


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Just looking through the datasheet on the website.

Check the following on your router/adapters:

Set the same operating channels on router and adapters (if available)
Set Data Rate to Auto.

Also, see if the distance of your computer affects the transfer rate. :)


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LAN speed wired would almost always be better than wireless. for one, you have to be getting a good signal to get the full speed of wireless, which i'm guessing in your case would be 54Mbps. If you're getting a rather crappy signal, it could be going at only like 1Mbps or not really moving at all. Wired, however, always goes it's fastest speed which could be 10Mb, 100Mb, or 1Gb.

P.S. Welcome to OSNN.net, beta005!


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I tested the ftp-connection with a 3rd computer (which has also got a US robotics wlan card) . It's sluggish, too. and ...... when I'm downloading something from the internet with my "ftp-machine" it's slow, too ... I'm pretty sure it must be a problem with that machine. I'll probably uninstall sp2 ... hmm :-/

ming: I think I'm using the same channels .. I'll check that .. and the speed settings are auto.

ElementalDragon: The WLan-signal seems to be very well on both machines.

ps: hi, and thanks!

Check the signal strength indications at each computer. Weak signal = slow transfer rate. If signal is weak google "winsurfer antenna".

Make sure there are no sources of interference (cell phones, portable phones, motors, dryers, washers, refrigerators, heat pumps, local ham radio operators, close to high power transmission lines) in the signal path and running during the transfers.

If you are in an apartment, neighbors may be using wifi too causing interference. Try changing the channel your wifi net works on. A windsurfer will make the signals more directional and help with this too.

20 kBytes is only about a qaurter mbps conenction. That is obscenely slow. Even B class equipment should be running 20 times that speed. My G class net runs in the mega Bytes even on bad days.


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LeeJend : The signal strength seems to be very good on all machines. ( Link Quality above 85% and signal strength above 75%).


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well ... I uninstalled sp2 on the "server"-machine ... and ftp-speedsare high (ok .. not that good yet ... but better than before ..hmm ) ...

damn sp2 ;-)

this is more some sort of workaround but I'll let it that way until there's information on that issue from microsoft ...
Microsoft never admits a screw up. They just pull the offending code and then release a new critical update and your machine starts working faster...

BTW My only wirelss PC is running SP2 off of a G access point on my LAN. No problems. Don't you just hate computers (or at least MS).

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