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Slow folder browsing



Ok, here's a strange thing. When I browse a folder in XP that in this case contains 200+ jpg images, the system drags down considerably. This is what I see happening:

One opens the folder containing the jpg files. I am viewing in LIST view so this is not a thumbnail concern (those are always slow). All the icons for the jpg files are initially the default icon for a file that windows does not recognize. Slowly, about every second or so, the icons are changed to the photoshop icon as that's what they are associated with. Eventually, all the icons are chnaged and things speed back up. This happens every time I re-open the folder as well. I know that WinXP, 2000, NT store icons for files differently than 9x versions did, but If I copy this same folder to my Win2K Laptop, this does not occur. I just browse them like I would any other kind of file. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

I am putting down my PC specs here:

Athlon 1.2g T-Bird processor
Abit KT7 MB
1g Ram
20g HD Primary (OS and Apps)
40g HD Secondary (Files n such)

My HD's are set up as Dynamic Disks. Can this be a problem?

WinXP Pro + SP1
Photoshop 7

Any ideas anybody?

when you right click and select properties, is there a photoshop tab??? on my xp system photoshop 7 installed this feature with additional options in the properties tab... maybe this is the culprit loading for each file in that folder??? might do the trick with over 200 jpgs in there... just a suggestion...


See if doing this helps you out

Some XP users have noticed that Windows XP can be slow when trying to access a folder full of media files (i.e. AVI/MPEG/DAT).

Click the Start button, go to the Run command, type "Regedit," and click OK. Once inside the Registry Editor, click Edit, then Find. In the "Find What" field, type in "{87D62D94-71B3-4b9a-9489-5FE6850DC73E}" (without the quotes) and click Find Next. Once the Registry Editor finds this folder, you will see that inside it is a folder named InProcServer32. Click on this folder, and delete both registry keys inside. Now, just exit the Registry Editor and reboot. With any luck, this will get rid of this sluggishness
what are those registry entries actually responsible for... i don't like to delete things from the registry if i don't know what they do, and why it's unnecessary...


This registry entry is the PropertyHandler for avi-files. I don't think it has anything to do with the problem in question.

I don't know what is the cause of the problem, but I suppose it has something to do with Photoshop. Are jpg also associated with Photosh. on the laptop? Perhaps better to associate them with an imageviewer like Irfanview and have Photoshop as the editoption.


I am afraid I don't have the Photoshop addition to my context menu, but I have tried numerous other things and it still does not appear to have any effect. I will try you registry change tonight, LOCTOUT, that sounds like it might be related. The same problem does not show up in other folders with large numbers of files (system32 for example) as I can see that it deos take a second to update the icons there, but nowhere near as slow as with jpg's. It seems to be related to XP trying to extract an image preview from each file as it browses the folder. If you switch your view to say, "Tiles" or "Icons" you see the image icons being replaced with tiny image previews (I think this was called quickview in the 9X days) and this occurs at the same rate as the icon change when viewing in list mode. It runs slower on each file depending on the file size. A lot of these are from large Jpg's from a 3 and 5 Mpixel digital camera so the preview would take a moment to generate.

I think the preview feature itself in XP is very helpful, but I would like to be able to just browse the folder by filename and exclude the additional info it wants to provide when I choose to. I hope this registry fix works as I have about 400 plus wedding photos to go through and organize and it takes to long sometimes to wait on it.

(By the way, if you wait and let it finish the icon changes you can browse back to the folder and it doesn't take the time to do this, however, if you restart, then you have to go through the process again).

Thanks for the help everyone. Maybe we'll have an answer here soon.



I am seeing the exact same issue. I even uninstalled Photoshop but the my photo folders (about 90-100 Nikon pics per folder) all show the defauly photoshop icon when I click on them and they draw painfully SLOOOOWWWWW.

I tried reassociating the jpegs with the windows default viewer and ACDSee and neither helped at all.

I have not tried the registry fix suggestion.

I did reinstall SP1 for XP and that did nothing.

Aaaaaaarrgh. I need to get theis fixed as I can't click from folder to folder.


Hey - I found a fix! Ya-freakin-hoo!

I right clicked the file and I chose properties and I DID have an extra tab that says "Photoshop Image" That tab has a box that reads "Generate Thumbnails" and it was checked.

I unchecked it and viola, speed is back.

Thank Jah.


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