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slow burn speed


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Right now I've been burning this DVD for 12 minutes and its only 22% done. The burner is 16x as is the media and Nero says its burning at 16x. I KNOW it's not. But I don't know why.

The first time I tried to burn it, it failed. The Nero log showed that DMA wasn't enabled. I went to the system properties and enabled DMA but I noticed something odd.

Should all of this be doubled? Could that be causing this ridiculously slow burning (35% done, burning for 18 minutes). How can a guy figure it out?

The only other thing that comes to mind is that when the system boots, it says something like "No 80 pin IDE cable detected", thing is, there is an 80 pin cable attached. It's really weird. Maybe I'm just grasping at straws.
Have you tried reinstalling your IDE controller drivers? Did you recently update them? Did you recently switch the type of media you buy?
There should not be duplicate entries. I had that once but it never caused a noticeable problem so I ignored it. I forget the details, it was a few years back.

When in doubt delete all the IDE channels in system manager. Windows will reinstall them as found new hardware.

Have you tested the media itself? Flaky media can slow burning down horribly. From past experience I suspect the media/burner combo more than the system setup.

On the other hand that "no 80 pin connector message" should NOT be coming up and indicates a problem that needs to be corrected. It will limit you to a bandwidth of 66 instead of 100 or 133.

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