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Slipstreaming office XP



Saw this here mentioned and thought I would start doing it today, I have xp for teachers (My girl being a teacher, so legal) and when started a message came up about enterprise edition only.

I tried with (sp3 admin) OfficeXpSp3-kb832671-fullfile-enu +office xp. Is there some fix or workaround so it can be achieved.

Does this also count for FP2002 and Publisher xp also?
I have the same problem but it's just not possible. You can try it with an MSI creator like WinInstall (a LE version can be found on a Windows 2000 CD), which basically scans the harddrive/registry before and after install and records the changes in a MSI file. This way you can install Office XP and all the SP's and patches and create a big MSI file of it, which you can put on a CD and all you have to do is double click the file, get a cup of coffee and 10 mins later everything is installed. Haven't tried that myself, though.

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