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Slipstreamed CD: Refusal to update DirectX?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey all,

Well after all of my unattended installation disks have failed for various reasons, I decided to just start fresh, and just let him use a Slipstreamed disk... turns out that had it's own issues too, the primary one being the fact that DirectX refused to update. I don't remember the exact error, something about a Logo file me thinks... in any case, what the hell! Why are all of these things failing?! These are pretty easy to do too...

Download SP1...
Copy Windows CD to computer in seperate directory...
Run the command:
C:\slipstream\xp\sp\spfilenamehere.exe -x
Specify where to extract it.
Run the command:
C:\slipstream\xp\sp\update\update.exe /s:C:\slipstream\xp\cd
BAM, you have a Slipstreamed version of Windows XP... I copied it to the disk right and everything!


Somewhat eXPerienced
Oh, also forgot to put that the taskbar did not work either, for some reason none of his programs would go into there... *Sighs* Why me!

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