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Slim Browser



You can add or remove toolbars with the view button just like IE. Most people are used to IE so this is great mainly for the popup stopper. Also the size is great less than a meg.


Passed with no problem at all. I will keep playing with it for awhile and see how all goes and report back.

Perris Calderon

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i like firebird, and since ie is not going to release a 7, when ie starts to load fewer pages then firebird, (probably not for at least a year), that is the brwoser I will probably go to.

I can not figure out why firebird is so much faster then mozilla???

anyway, I actually think the reason ms is not developing a stand alone 7 is so that people have a reason to buy longhorn

otherwise, longhorn will not be attratctive to anyone but those that need the latest technology.

xp is just too good an operating system for people to want to spend money on another one.

and so, ms is trying to make the longhorn more attractive.

I think this stategy will backfire, and I think eventually, ms will release a stand alone 7

Perris Calderon

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I'm pretty sure longhorn will have a spectacular browser enyo...we'll see.

in any event, ms is surely doing r and d for browser technology, and they will decide where to go with there resaerch when the time comes.

here's a thought

a few months ago, a child won an esteemed award in science for designing a new technology in browser design.

at the time, I suggested ms will either buy the technology, or duplicate it.

I am certain ms is looking into this, and other ground breaking ideas.

this would be the defining marketing tool of longhorn, and this is what I believe is in the works

at any rate, if I am wrong, let's start the rumor going, and then microsft willl follow the rumor
firebird kicks ie ass. its the best browser out there. using it now :)

"The great sucking sound you hear is a tagline pulled into my computer."


I may actually be insane.
* Opens IE
* Clicks Middle mouse button
* Frantically clicks middle mouse button!!! :eek: :p

Even Apple have seen sense and put tabs in Safari (If you dont know, Safari is the new browser made by apple that replaces IE as the default browser in OSX)
They left it off by default, so you can just turn it on if you want tabs, I'm sure that will get switched to on by default when the demand for it gets back to Apple ;)

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