sli'd 7900GT issue or not?


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Ok.... i ran 3DMark06 to get a benchmark of my new SLI system..... and noticed something. is it SUPPOSED to not allow the feature tests (i.e. the canyon flight, and Deep Freeze tests) with AA and AF enabled? i coulda swore i was able to use both of those when i had my 7800GT.

And.... since i'm kinda new to this whole SLI thing.... do i have to go in and select the game profile in the video options depending on what i'm playing, or will it automatically select the profile when i run the .exe for said game?


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really need help with this..... if anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated.

Do i have to create a new profile for each .exe in each game i want to run? (say for HL2.... even though there's one there for HL2.exe for HL2 single player, do i have to create another profile for the hl2.exe file in the HL2DM folder)


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Here's a pic of the rig with a slightly longer exposure time (UV effect isn't entirely THAT bright...... and the lengthened exposure time didn't help that much) due to the fact that it's not very bright in this room, and it's night time. i'll probably have a better pic tomorrow or somethin.... now.... is anybody going to help me by providing some kind of input into the situation that i am having?



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You should not need to create a profile for HL2. Many games
are built into the nvidia drivers already. The profile maker is only for if there is no profile, or if you want to change the rendering methods to try and get more speed or get around a compatibility issue.

As for how 3dmark will handle SLI? That's ugly. SLI needs a profile for each game. 3DMark has multiple 3D movies it renders and I think each one uses different rendering methods. Unless nvidia made a 3dmark specific profile (which could be construed as cheating) I don't think the result can be trusted. 3Dmark also lets CPU speed impact score more than it should for video card evaluation.

If your games play great don't sweat the benchies. If they don't look for a better profile.


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yeah.... i think it is working in HL2DM.... just kinda odd. get around 290fps when staring at the wall from rather far away, but staring into an open area with not too much going on and i average around 90. nothing to complain about.... just was expecting to average over 100.

And.... dunno if this should really happen or not..... but should having the cards in bump the temp up by around 10C? when i had the first 7900GT, it idled around 40-42 i think, and barely hit 50 when gaming. now with them both in, BOTH cards go no lower than 50. i've heard of one card being hotter than the other.... but i don't remember hearing of them both getting knocked up a few inches. even more odd cause the one has a 120mm fan right above it on the back of the case pullin quite a bit of air (trust me.... my room get's quite warm now if the door is closed).


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You could manually edit the config for HL2 and try different SLI methods (alt page vs half page etc.). Check the HL2 forums for SLI config files. With the number of HL2 addicts there has to be a big SLI community.

As for the heat it is probably from choking the airflow. Even if the cards are dual slot with rear panel exhaust you are still restricting the intake air to their coolers and heating the ambient up. But 8-10 deg in 2d sounds like a lot.

That one card hotter thing was either a driver or video card bios issue. I forget which.


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aah. that's right. forgot about that flaw. that was when SLi was first introduced, right? something with faulty temp reporting?

oh, and i tried changing the SLI method, but all it says is "Predefined". doesn't let me choose between AFR and SFR.

just gettin kinda worried cause according to Motherboard Monitor, the one video card hit pretty close to 70C at one point....


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70C in game is, unfortunately, not that high for performance GPUs.

My auto fan control on the x800xl (which is supposed to be a cooler video card) is not set to go full speed until 80 deg C.

You may be able to find an nvidia card utility to have the fan go full speed sooner if the 70 deg C bothers you.

Personally I think it's all a conspiracy to fry video cards sooner so people can't sell their old ones when they upgrade. It forces people who have less money to buy the grossly over priced mid-range cards instead of getting used cards.

Lets start a letter writing campaign to the government for an investigation. This is obviously an attempt to deny poor immigrants and unemployed ethnic people their american rights to affordable computing technology access. We need Jessie Jackson and Teddy Kennedy involved!
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Or it cojuld be the peopel bitching about he noise levels of fans running on high, as opposed to letting a slower fan with more thermal differential do the same job.

Then again, you never know.


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you know of any way i might be able to test both video cards to see if they're in complete working order (i.e. no artifacts in games on the 2nd one, or very crappy performance with just the second one)? when i got the second one, i didn't test it out separately (which i now realized i probably should have)


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Duh? Turn off SLI, take out the old one, put the new one in the first x16 slot and run it.

Sounds too simple? Swap cards, turn off SLI and the new card will be the one left on.


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think it's kinda dumb that you can't run the two cards separately with SLI turned off. Don't think there's anything wrong with it though. checked some of the 3dMark05 scores compared pretty much identical to mine, and people were getting roughly the same scores.

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