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SLI and temp bug.

Current temp bug report on SLI, heh. :)

2 x eVGA 6800GT No OC.
Forceware 75.90

2D - Idle:

GPU-1 : 68c
GPU-2 : 67c

3D - SLI AFR mode.

GPU-1 : 78c
GPU-2 : 77c

3D - SLI (Single Mode) <-- Eg. KOTORII has no SLI profile available.

GPU-1 : 83c
GPU-2 : 67c
I tend to think it is a bug and its reading's are incoorect.

Eg. 66.73, Take away an instant 11c off my temps.

I really dont think its that hot though 83c is really hot isnt it, ? hehee :eek:
That temp could be real. With no SLI all the work is being done by the one card. If it's the card with the fan sandwiched between the two boards it is going to be choked for fresh (cool) air. Since the first slot is the one with the fan crowded and most likely the default card for non-SLI it sounds reasonable.

We run stuff with die temps up to 105 in aerospace but we don't expect them to last very long.

Open the case and blow a fan on the 2 video cards and see if the 83 comes down much. If it doesn't I'd swap the cards between slots once a month to extend the life of the hotter running card.


I didn't do it!!!!!!!!!
It's a bug with the newer beta drivers,and unproven drivers. No one knows for sure if it's a real temp or not. My 6800 does the same thing,which is why I won't use beta drivers anymore,and because there are too many bugs to bother with.

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