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Sleep/ Suspend not availible (2K3/Home Server)


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Hi There

Finally got my server up and running again (third time lucky I hope) after having two seagate drives fail on the trot.
I want the server to got to sleep (S3) when its not required i.e. of night and when I am at work, all this can be scheduled using a nice tool called lights out.

The problem is the server does not seem to have a sleep mode for example under the shut down options. I have had a look in the power management and from there I change the profile from 'always on' to balanced server mode, but that did not help. There is the option of enabling hibernation but I would prefer to put it into S3 mode.

The server is running windows home server which just has a front end (connector) stuck on windows 2003.
Any help will be much appreciated :)


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suspend/sleep is dependant on bios options. However you do not want a server to sleep/suspend. Its a server not a laptop.
All the bios options are right as far as i can tell, the same ones seem to work for other systems....

I understand about the server/laptop reply but i do not always need 24/7 access therefore at those time I would prefer the server to be in s3 mode therefore saving on the electricity bills. Don't forget this is a home server rather than a corporate one :) (or an Anime one ;))
the computer uses no less "mains power" in sleep mode than it does when full on. Supply from the wall is constant. There's little point in sleep mode on towers.


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the computer uses no less "mains power" in sleep mode than it does when full on. Supply from the wall is constant. There's little point in sleep mode on towers.
Your right for the traditional power saving mode S1, however with the new S3 (or suspend to ram) things are different as basically power is cut to everything bar the ram, and supposedly it uses little more than the pc shut down :)
Nice article there ray :)


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Fixed! :D

I had not installed a graphics driver where I was running it header-less now this was apparently the problem.
As is there is no win 2003 driver for a intel gma 3100, I installed the XP version in "compatibility mode" and now is goes to S3 sleep perfectly! Just need to work out how to use lights out, I am sure it will prove to be my most useful add-in

Cheers for your input everyone :)

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