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Sleep states in bios

Dark Atheist

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should they be left as they are in this case s1&s3 or should they be changed, currently when ever i am doing stuff on the pc i can hear things power down and then back up again, and this is annoying, yet if i put s1 sleep state in the bios i don't hear this noise
In S1 only the CPU is put to sleep, so the other devices keep working.
In S3 your contextual data is saved to RAM, killing the power to Fans/HDD etc too.
This explains the noises you hear in S3 as these devices are turned 'on or off' dependant on the awake/sleep state. (S0=awake)

In a nutshell:

S1=CPU stopped
S3=Suspend to RAM

S3 uses less wattage.

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