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Sleep is Obsolete When You Have SSD!

Perris Calderon

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As I posted before, when you have a solid state hard drive, your start time becomes incredibly fast, using sleep doesn't really start the computer noticeably faster then hibernate, therefore, you should probably use hibernate instead of sleep so components aren't kept active, you save a little wear and tear, electricity.

Especially if you're on a laptop as using sleep will leave you with less uptime on battery.

Start time is so much faster you might even want to do a full shut down, however you won't be able to come back to your work when you completely shut down, so I recommend hibernate.

One caveat;

With sleep you usually don't have to use the power button, you can just touch a key or mouse to wake, those items still get power and the stroke is recognized as going to work, in hibernate all power is off, a key or mouse stroke won't be seen nor start the computer.

Sadly for me, the power button on my laptop is in a really bad place and hard to push, I'll keep using sleep, but for those with a convenient power button, and an SSD, I think you should be using hibernate.

PS, some windows versions have hibernate disabled.

Sometimes you can enable Hibernate through power options, (power options>choose what the power button does> change settings currently unavailable check hibernate).

Sometimes hibernate is completely disabled and you need to enable through cmd, running as administrator.

That command is "powercfg -h on ", it won't work unless you run the command prompt as an administrator, I believe it will work in the run box as administrator too. reboot and hibernate will be available

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
What's the benefit of using hibernate over power off? I tend to shut all my devices down now that they all use SSDs.
Hey Ray

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner, notifications don't work for me on this board

Most people open the same programs or are working on a project, hibernate leaves all your windows open, no need to relaunch

When you have an hdd, hibernate wakes quite a bit faster than a shut down

If you have an ssd, and you don't mind revisiting all the programs and cold launching you were working on again, start up with the ssd is really fast so not much is lost in time

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