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Slammin Vinyl Last ever rave at the scantuary


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i have 3 tickets for this event. price is £25 each.this event has "SOLD OUT" !
across the UK. so you will e very lucky to find a place that still has em.

contact me by PM and i will give you my contact number to arange the sale

serious enquries only please. no time wasters.

remember this is your last chance to visit the home of hardcore. before minton keynes county counsil turn it into a foot ball stadimum :(:(


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i sure hope some one wants the tickets. they are only up for sale because at the last minit i was browsing SVs website and they were selling VIP passes, so i snaped up 3.

its going to be a safe nite, i think every one will be staying until the very end when we are told to go home, but i recon the djs will play one last set after the offical ending time. if that happens i will mis the coach back home. lol


I may actually be insane.
It's a shame it's getting closed down (for raves anyway), also a shame that Mike and Grant got to put slammin' on as the last event and didn't give someone like North an arena :p

More information for people interested: info


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it will be a shame, i will miss that place once its pulled down :( they could have given the last rave there to helter-skelter :) but iam sure SV will put on a fantastic event.

Electronic Punk

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If it is like the last (weekly) Gatecrasher...

"...end of an era. So we can play one last tune and then everyone can go, or we can lock the doors, **** the plice and play on for another 2 hours"

Just so happened that the 6 hours Picotto set, became 8 :eek:
Webmaster though aint that for OSNN or does he do it for a company?
Just wondered how he ALWAYS on the site all day but not a night so much LOL

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