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Single Player PC RPG's

I'm desperate :(

Besides KOTOR, NWN and baldurs gate what are some decent single player RPG's?

Ideally I'd want one that isnt based on diablo style gfx engines.

Unleashed said:
Damn, just read that last line about Diablo.

Ok, Morrowind and Gothic 2 are my favourites other than Diablo 2 LOD :D
Gothic 2!! Morrowind is excellent (and you can get the three pack for ~US$20), System Shock, Fallout 2, Wizardry 8, Divine Divinity, Arx Fatalis.

If you like SNES RPGs and you're in the US (because old roms are legal to download in the US, per the Library of Congress), the link in my sig goes to some translated SNES roms that never made it to the US, but a couple are better than any Final Fantasy offering.
okay well I just picked up Morrowind GOTY Edition with the two expansions. Although I already had morrrowind, but hey I like it so I dont mind paying them twice :p

Forgot to ask at game about Gothic 2... will have to wait till I get more cash spare.

Keep the tips coming however :)


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Diablo style graphics? Most recent game I can think of like that is Sacred. I played it for a while, and didn't get back to it. I personally did not like it.

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