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SiN Episodes: Emergence

Electronic Punk

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Had the chance to play this while someone told me a little about it, looks pretty exciting will post more when I do my report but basically ep1 will cost around $20.

It has a smart difficulty system which will change all kinds of gameplay settings depending on how well you deal with that situation so it will procide mayn different levels of challenges - ie not just making baddies harder and offering less health.

Will of course use the Source engine and be available on Steam. I wasn't sure who was talking me thru it, someone from Ritual as they definately referred to his involvement - I will have to try and find out.

More info:


I'm sorry Hal...
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I've been looking foward to these, but it thought they were going to be cheaper, since they've episodes and not that long. can get a lot of other full games for $20 or less

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, could work out quite expensive with 9 episodes, really depends how big they are, think I remember hearing about 5 hours per ep, but those are always greatly exagerated.

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