simple-just asking how to hook up i/o card?

hey i want ot get this i/o card thing that has 3usb 2.0's and 2firewires. (its for 100 bucks, great deal huh)

anyway does my motherboard have to be compatible iwth usb2 or what not? one of the min. requirements is pci 2.1 slot? do i have that? i have a fairly recent pc....and how do i plug it in? do i just unbolt those things at the back of my pc and just plug it in? does it require hookup to the mobo in anyway with wires? thanks


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i've seen similar things b4 + i think all u need is a free slot on the back + a free pci slot. a cable just conects from the pci slot 2 the usb 2/firewall device. u can also get them that to go in the 3.5 inch floppy in the frount. exactly the same principal jus goes on the frount:cool: just unscrew a metal panel off the back + screw it in. i dont think it needs any software etc 2 work.


Well first off, which mother board do you have? This information is needed to find out if it is PCI 2.1 compliant. If the mother board is not PCI 2.1 then it will not work, so this you must know first. Not all newer mother boards are capable of 2.1....

Second you need to make sure that there is a free PCI slot open on your mother board. We can tell how many PCI slots are on your mother board when we find out which one it is. Also you can use ** Aida 32 ** to gather information on your system. This is a very good program for this and it is free..

Let us know......

Yes it is. IEEE1394 is the standard most commonly called FireWire. Your computer most likely has PCI 2.1 if it's "fairly new" as you say. Just plug in the card and install any drivers (USB2 needs drivers in XP). Then just hook up you devices. :)


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it sounds like your motherboard already has onboard firewire..? you could save money and just get a usb 2.0 card, instead of this combo card.

any way you can find out the brand/model of the motherboard? or chipset, maybe?


A better price

I think if you are going to get an add on usb/firewire card, this one is considerably cheaper. I've been eyeing it myself as I am planning on getting a firewire scanner and I just recently got a usb 2.0 external drive and it creeps on my usb 1.1 ports.
here is the link:

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