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Simple Java for statement problem

Scott Young

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Im having a problem with some java code, wondering what is wrong with this for statemnt to stop it compiling?

class car{

String Model;
int enginecapacity, yearofmanufacture;
double PriceWhenNew;

public void readDetails(){

System.out.println("Please Enter the model:");
System.out.println("Please Enter the engine capacity:");
System.out.println("Please Enter the year of manufacture:");

System.out.println("Please Enter the price of the car when new:");


private double roadTax(int enginecapacity){

if (enginecapacity<= 1200)
return 100;
else if ((enginecapacity > 1200) && (enginecapacity<= 2000))
return 150;
return 200;
private double currentValue(){

for (intYearofManufacture; Yearofmanufacture<=2006; Yearofmanufacture++){

PriceWhenNew - (PriceWhenNew*10/100);



Caffeine-->Code Converter
I can help you I think :)
I need the whole source code though, so post (or attach) both the car source and the main source.
So I can know in advance, what's the compile error you're getting?

Edit: Nevermind what I posted, I found it I think.

for (intYearofManufacture; Yearofmanufacture<=2006; Yearofmanufacture++){

PriceWhenNew - (PriceWhenNew*10/100);

You forgot to declare the first int in the for. You typed in intYearofManufacture, but that doesn't mean anything. You have to initialize it: int yearofManufacture = SomeYear
you dont need to have an assignment in the first piece of the for, any statement will do

you might have needed something like

for (int yearmade = yearofmanufacture; yearmade <= 2006; yearmade++)

making a copy of yearofmanufacture and working with that in your function so that you dont start incrementing your class variable yearofmanufacture and thereby screwing up any future calls to currentValue()

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