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sim city 3000

Evil Marge

I Rule
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HELP! im running sim city in xp (duh) and when i exit it re opens sim city. the only way i can end it is by press ctrl shift and delete to bring up task manager and click end task.
There must be away round this.I have put compatibility mode on for 98 and Me but not tried yet. I will say if it worked when i try it later.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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I have xp and simcity and it works just fine (maybe its becuse i use an "Unofficial" version) but you can allways try runing it in windows 98 mode (right click->compatibility->Windows 98).


im using version 1.0.557 (or something like that) and the very same thing is happening to me. i tested it on my own pc though (its reloading on my gf's kids comp) and it works fine... i doubt its a hardware issue tho tbh

ive tried all the compatibilty modes and it keeps doing the same thing...

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