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Silly question about chip sets

What motherboard has the SOYO Dragon chipset ?

Correct me if Im wrong on any of this. But I was reading about chipsets on motherboards and it said that the SOYO Dragon was the way to go if you have a Nvidia video card.

If this is ture, what brand am I looking for ?


It's not a chipset I didn't think? the soyo Dragon IS a mobo :p

The Soyo dragons use the Via KT266 chipset which is pretty much the performance leader...straight from soyo's website


R AID controller on board

A udio on board, with 6-chanel Hardware Audio

G raphic, Universal AGP Pro slot

O verclocking, setup FSB by 1MHz increment

N etwork, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

thats ya dragon :)

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Back in super socket 7 days, nvidia cards used to hate ALI chipsets, but know apart from the occasional duff update all nvidia cards seem to work with just about any board.
Asus A7V266-E RAID Audio 266MHz FSB

ยท VIA KT266A Chipset (KT8366 North Bridge with VT8233 South Bridge).

I take it then this MOBO is a dragon chip set, right ?

This is the one I was looking to get !

Thanks to everyone for the replys.



OMG!! SWEEt ASS MOBO!!!! if only it had Nforce built in for audio and graphics...it would make a sweet small server WITH games. hehe...and overclocking by 1mhz increments? thats massive!


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I just bought a Dragon Plus!. MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE PLUS VERSION. THere is an enormous performance dfference between the Dragon and Dragon Plus!. The Plus has a revision 2 chipset (KT266A), which does offer a considerable performance increase.

no no famine...you missed the point..DRAGON is NOT a chipset!

DRAGON is a motherboard made by SOYO...it uses the VIA KT266 chipset...

The board you are lookin at uses the same chipset, but it is NOT a DRAGON...if you want a dragon goto www.soyo.com and choose america on the site map and then goto products and you can look at the dragon boards that are availible :)

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