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Silent Hill Experience


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I know there are those of us who love the Silent Hill series. I was poking around the konami site and noticed the trailer for the Silent Hill Experience ( www.konami.com/store/silenthillexperience ), looks pretty good imo. This is an awsome addition to the Silent Hill series. I am seriously thinking of getting it, because it is only 20 bucks. Good way to refresh your memory on the SH series before going to see the movie.
Though I haven't played any Silent Hill games in the past (except for a "SH4: The Room" Demo), this still looks like a good product, in fact if I saw this it would probably entice me to play the series. I hope they make more of these for other series (like resident evil) that would be cool.


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ya i loved resident evil 4, but from what i hear the silent hill series is actually really good and some people say "better" than resident evil. i think i might pick this up sooner or later.
Yeah survival horror never found its way into my heart to tell you the truth, besides res. evil 4, I dont play the genre too much. I suppose the fact that survival horrors prime years were when the SH and RE series' were on the ps1 before I was allowed to play them:lick:


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something about skinned dogs, dense fog, and darkness makes me very very hesitant to want to EVER play another SH game again.

im a wimp when it comes to horror.
I picked up "The Silent Hill Experience" which is officially called an "interactive umd" not a "PSP thingy". It's pretty neat. The comics are animated, which is very cool, and they have both of them on there. Kind of interesting to see how new technology creates new media, I hope "manga for PSP" has a future. It's also got music from all four games, game trailers, the movie trailer, and interviews with Christopher Gans and Akira Yamaoka. It also has the "fukuoku" video and a couple of others that I can't remember the name of right now. Good stuff for fans of the series. It's kind of like having all the extras on the movie DVD way before the DVD comes out.

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