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Silecing HDD whine

Put the disk inside a hdd silencer box? There are a few different types.

I saw a DIY type a while a go with two plates of 15-20mm aluminum screwed together with the disk in between. Some foam for the remaining space. Good cooling and very little noise. :)


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yeh a nice quality cooling bay will do it

hehe would be nice to hear my 7200's scream, but all the cooling fans dull that out :confused:


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Looked at the box option but the only one i can find here in the UK is the silentdrive version which is ment to over heat your hdd :( I found a great SMARTDRIVE version though only availible in the US (cant find it here :( :( ) As for that DIY project i think its the www.silentpcreview.com one that i am thinking about except i was planning on using thinner alu bent into a "C" section with insulation in the middle of that "C" on the top and bottom. What do you guys think ???
Have a read in the tutorial section HERE a quote from the site says "Adding heavy aluminum plates to hard disk to increase mass and decrease actuator noise wasn't very effective"...also i will have a look for an enclosure...not the silent drive one.

Have a look here Too

Another edit :- found this Here and a quote "Dramatically reduce Hard Drive noise" and a review of the product Here


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I am indeed avoiding the silentdrive ones for they are ment to cook your HDD. From the silentpcreview.com site the SMARTDRIVE they review looks very good but I can not find it in the UK. I have tried a simular product to the cooldrive which is a removeable caddie called an ICYDOCK. This I also padded with offcuts from acoustic matting but I had nop sucess there I think the drive is just plain noisy :( thanks anyway Bonytony :happy:
After trying to prove you wrong...i gave up its not on sale here:huh: but the smartdrive 2002 looks very impressive and HERE will ship one over to you as well.


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I would have prefered it if you had proved me wrong indeed i though the 2002 was most impressive also. I found that company but I expect they will charge us UK boys a fortune to ship them over. I could not find a review of it though. Cheers again.
$17.14 to ship in 3 days to the UK is what i think to be very good.

I would rather buy from the Uk than having to ship something from so far away...but if i`m desperate :confused:


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I suppose its not too bad. Mind you in my case all 4 5 1/4" bays are full (dvd, cdrw, livedrive, Digidoc5) so would have no where to fit it :rolleyes: was thinking of fixing it somehow below the 3 1/2" bays but it will just be a pain. Something to wait for when I get a new case which one be for at least a year.


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You have hit the nail on the head Enyo
"Frankly, this product is here so that we can caution you about it. While providing some noise reduction, it is known to overheat drives. The manufacturer warns about use against 7200 RPM hard drives, yet one reads ongoing accounts of users damaging their 7200 RPM drives in the Silent Drive. We would only use it with 5400 RPM drives and keep an eye on drive temps. Design and construction quality are not great. Dec/02."

And more details of this information is available at http://www.silentpcreview.com/modul...ns&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=29&page=1 So a warning here I did consider buying two of these until I found this article and several othes saing the same thing.

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